Domex Toilet Cleaning Powder

India's first low cost toilet cleaner. Removes malodour causing germs and leaves your toilet smelling fresh.

Affordable toilet cleaner

We created the Domex Powder toilet cleaner to make effective toilet cleaning possible for everyone. Many people are put off buying specialised toilet bowl cleaners because they are too expensive. The common alternatives are ineffective and sometimes dangerous.

Some people use fabric detergents instead, which don’t clean the toilet effectively. Over time, toilets become ridden with bacteria as well as smelly and visibly dirty. On the other side, hazardous chemicals are also used when commercial toilet cleaners are too expensive. Hydrochloric acid and bleaching powder might get rid of stains on the toilet bowl, but they are very corrosive: skin contact with them or breathing in their fumes have serious health risks.

Domex for cleaner, fresher toilets

Domex fresh and clean is an easy-to-use product that kills all malodour causing germs. Using Domex to clean is simple and it gives complete reassurance that the threat has been dealt with. Domex gives fresh and clean toilets.

Domex Toilet Cleaning Powder



Domex Toilet Cleaner is designed for convenient use in all kinds of toilets especially squat toilets. It takes just three steps to clean a squat toilet with the Domex toilet cleaner: simply spread, brush and flush.


  • Removes malodour causing germs to give you a fresh smelling toilet
  • Removes stains through its in-built abrasives
  • Safe to use with bare hand
  • The first low cost toilet cleaner in India