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Domex Fresh & Clean

Domex Fresh & Clean toilet cleaner

Regular toilet cleaning is central to making your bathroom smell good and stay hygienic. With a pair of rubber gloves, a toilet brush, and Domex Fresh & Clean, this task can be as simple as any other household chore. The more often you clean, the easier each cleaning session will become.

Cleaning the toilet with Domex Fresh & Clean makes a task of cleaning your toilet much quicker. Domex cleaning liquid is created with a unique colour-changing formula which changes from green to blue as the product acts on the toilet. The liquid has an ideal thickness that allows an even spread across the toilet bowl.

Domex Fresh & Clean is a toilet cleaner acid which removes limescale from the toilet where it can build up if left alone. This is necessary for 3 reasons:

  • It’s easier for bacteria to build up and multiply on surfaces with limescale, which increases our exposure to germs and diseases.
  • These bacteria also create bad smells in the toilet.
  • Limescale creates unsightly brown and yellow staining in the toilet bowl.

If you don’t clean the toilet, it won’t take long for it to smell very bad. The best advice for how to remove a toilet smell is to clean the toilet frequently with an effective toilet cleaner. 

As well as being affordable and easy to use, Domex Toilet cleaning powder is more effective than fabric detergents and safer than harsh chemicals. It removes germs from the toilet and leaves a fresh smell behind. With this Domex cleaner, it’s possible for everyone to make their toilets fresh and hygienic.