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Domex Toilet cleaning products

Use our toilet cleaner range to get rid of dirt, limescale, and 99% of germs in the toilet. Domex fresh and clean protects your toilet bowl from malodour causing germs and limescale while Domex toilet blocks keep your toilet fresh.

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Bathroom cleaners & toilet cleaning products

Your bathroom is constantly under attack from germs. Arm yourself with Domex bleach.

Domex bleach can be used all around the home when you follow the instructions on the bottle. It is not just a toilet cleaner but a versatile line of products that can be used on a surprising number of surfaces to keep you and your family safer against illness.

Domex fresh and clean is an easy-to-use product that kills all malodour causing germs. Using Domex to clean is simple and it gives complete reassurance that the threat has been dealt with. Domex gives fresh and clean toilets.