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Bikaner KV

A fresh smelling toilet for everyone

One of the biggest problems we have with toilet cleaning is that bad smells from the toilet make the task off-putting. However, neglecting to clean the toilet only makes it smell worse. If you want to know how to make the toilet smell good, the answer is to regularly clean. By cleaning the toilet frequently with a good quality toilet cleaning product like Domex toilet cleaning liquid, you can eliminate bad smells and make your toilet fresh and pleasant to use.

How to get rid of toilet odour

If you’re wondering how to get rid of a bad toilet smell, the first thing to do is to make sure you’re regularly cleaning the toilet. Without frequent cleaning, the germs that cause malodour start to build up in the toilet bowl. This increases over time as limescale also builds up, creating a surface that the smelly bacteria can cling onto and multiply. This is why you start to get bad smells from the toilet when you don’t give it a regular clean. Bacteria thrives in hot and humid environments, and these conditions also trap smells to make malodour more noticeable.

The best answer to how to keep the toilet smelling fresh is to give the bowl a clean a couple of times each week with a good quality toilet cleaner. Domex Toilet cleaning liquid removes malodour and leaves 2 times longer-lasting fragrance for 100% freshness.[1] Domex Powder also helps to tackle malodour and removes germs and is a great alternative for use in squat toilets: simply spread, brush and flush.

The more often you tackle this task, the easier it becomes. Toilet cleaning is just another cleaning chore around the house – using a brush and a pair of rubber gloves for hygiene, it’s no more unpleasant than any other task. Using the expert toilet cleaning products from Domex instead of harsh chemicals, toilet cleaning becomes a dramatically easier and safer experience. This is how to get rid of a toilet smell in your house, but more importantly it is a crucial part of keeping your home sanitary and preventing the spread of disease.

Preventing bad smells from the toilet is not someone else’s task; we can all make sure that we take care of our own facilities and keep them fresh. Film stars Venkatesh Daggubati and Rana Daggubati agree that there’s no shame in cleaning your toilet, and joined the campaign ‘Why the Shame? Pick up the Brush!’ with Domex to encourage all of us to play our parts in improving toilet hygiene. If they can pick up the brush to keep their toilets sparkling clean, so can everyone!

How to make the bathroom smell good: other tips

Now you know how to remove the bad smell from the bathroom, keeping it fresh and fragrant is simple. Combined with a regular toilet clean, getting into some good bathroom habits will prevent stuffy or damp smells. You can even add a pleasant scent to the bathroom with natural fragrances.

  • Keep air circulating: leave the door or window to the bathroom open as often as possible to reduce smells quickly and prevent the air from getting stuffy.
  • Always hang up damp towels and bathmats so they have space to dry, to avoid a damp and mouldy smell.
  • Add a few drops of essential oil to dried flowers or pine cones and arrange in the bathroom for a fragrant and attractive feature.
  • Drop some essential oil into a metal or ceramic oil burner and light a small candle underneath. Keep it in the bathroom while you clean it. Remember never to leave this unattended, as it could be a fire hazard.

[1] As per lab testing