Domex Toilet Cleaning Powder: An Affordable Toilet Cleaner for Everyone

Discover the new toilet cleaning powder from Domex. This toilet cleaner is easy to use in squat toilets and priced at a fraction of the cost of other toilet cleaning products, making it possible for everyone’s toilets to be clean, safe and pleasant to use.

Reasons behind the creation of the new Domex Toilet Cleaning Powder

We created the Domex toilet cleaning powder in response to a crisis of toilet hygiene. Many of our toilets are not being cleaned regularly or effectively. A major reason for this is the high price of specially formulated toilet cleaning products that really work. As well as being expensive, many of these products may not be designed for squat toilets, which make up the vast majority of toilets in India.

This often means that toilets are not cleaned effectively. Many people see fabric detergent powder as an alternative cleaning product for the toilet, but this is ineffective at removing germs and allows malodour to develop.

When it becomes clear that fabric detergent cannot effectively clean a toilet, people turn to strong chemical products like hydrochloric acid and bleaching powder to remove visible dirt and odours. Both difficult to use, they are extremely harsh and could lead to serious health risks for the people cleaning the toilet.

Domex Toilet Cleaning Powder vs acid or bleaching powder for toilet cleaning

Hydrochloric acid is used as a common alternative to a toilet cleaner. There are serious hazards associated with this: it is highly corrosive in contact with skin or eyes, and also releases acidic fumes that can lead to internal damage. Others use bleaching powder for toilet cleaning. This is difficult to use and like HCL, it gives off strong pungent odour which can be very inconvenient to use. As well as the dangers associated with direct contact with these harmful chemicals, there is also the risk that they could make their way into drinking water [1].

To address this, we came up with a solution. Domex toilet powder is much more affordable than most toilet cleaning products, making it accessible for everyone. This means that it is no longer necessary to risk cleaning with acid or bleaching powder. Domex powder safer to use than most of the chemical proxies for toilet cleaner, it is also more effective in removing germs compared to fabric detergent powders and is designed for effectively cleaning toilets.

Domex Toilet Cleaner as a universal solution

The Domex Toilet cleaning powder is accessible for people across income stratas. The powder format makes it convenient for use in squat toilets, which make up 90% of the toilets in India. Simply spread the powder over the surface, scrub with the toilet brush and flush.

Another benefit of this Domex cleaning powder is that it works against odours as well as removing germs. While using bleaching powder for toilet cleaning leaves a bad smell, Domex powder removes malodour from the toilet and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance. With its low price and easy application, this Domex toilet cleaner gives everyone the option to make their toilets clean at an affordable price. [1] Investigating potential impact of cleaning chemicals in pit latrines document