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The importance of hygiene and sanitation

One of the main threats to sanitation in India is underestimating the importance of hygiene in the bathroom. A leading cause of illness and death among children is not having access to a toilet. [1]  For those of us that do have toilets, cultural stigmas sometimes prevent us from practicing proper bathroom hygiene and cleaning them regularly. It’s time to change this: we believe that we all have a responsibility to keep our own toilets clean and play our part in the mission to improve hygiene and sanitation.

[1] Diarrheal diseases among children in India:

Current scenario and future perspectives

Domex has teamed up with our heroes Venkatesh Daggubati, Rana Daggubati and Akkineni Nagarjuna to fight against this threat to hygiene and sanitation in India. The stars are determined to promote the importance of hygiene and see no problem with cleaning their own toilets, which is no more unpleasant than their other house chores.

If everyone takes the responsibility to keep their own toilets clean, it will be a huge step forward for hygiene and sanitation in India. Cleaning the toilet a few times a week with a specialist toilet cleaner keeps your toilet fresh and makes the task of cleaning quick and easy. You can be proud of your bathroom hygiene and know you are helping the sanitation cause, starting in your own home.