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Domex Lime Fresh 500 ml

Domex Toilet Cleaning Liquid - Lime Fresh

Gives 2 times long lasting fragrance by removing malodour causing germs

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About this product

Domex Fresh and Clean is a powerful toilet cleaner that gives you 2 times long lasting freshness.Its ideal thickness helps it spread across the toilet bowl and helps in effortless cleaning. Its unique colour changing technology turns the product from green to blue when in contact with water. Its powerful cleaning agents remove the toughest stains providing stain-removal and germ protection. It also gives your toilet a pleasant fresh fragrance and helps avoid odour for long. It’s 99.9% Germ-kill formula makes it a quality disinfectant and its ideal thickness makes the fluid spread evenly, ensuring ease of use. It comes in 2 variants - Ocean Fresh and Lime fresh with distinct fragrance.

Key benefits


• Domex Fresh and Clean gives 2 times long lasting freshness • Unique colour changing formula • Ideal thickness ensures an even spread across the toilet bowl • Unique child lock to ensures safety and prevents leakage