Domex Zero Stain Toilet Cleaner, Lemon Power

  • Domex Zero Stain KILLS all disease causing toilet germs* - ordinary toilet cleaners may be ineffective.

  • 7 times thicker formula **- easy use and dosage

  • Effective stain removal - both above and below toilet surface

  • Refreshing Lemon Fragrance

  • Unique colour changing formula

*kills all germs (bacteria, virus and fungi), post 60 minutes of contact with undiluted product ** 7 times thicker as against phenyl & detergent powder solutions


  • Squeeze pads and turn anti-clockwise
  • Direct nozzle under the rim and apply.
  • Grip below the waterline
  • Wait for 20 minutes. Brush lightly and then flush
  • Clean toilet, with fresh frangrance.

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