There are a number of bad habits your little one may be indulging in and you may not even realize its harmful effects. 

We list down 6 unhygienic habits that you could spot early enough to make them stop.

1. Nose picking - When your toddler’s finger finds its way to their nostril, gently move their hand away. This would be a good time to teach them to use a tissue. Nose picking can cause infections & nosebleeds. Take the time to teach your child to use tissues and allow them to have easy access to tissues by tucking a few in their pocket or backpack.

2. Nail Biting - Besides being unattractive, this habit can create breaks in skin that allow germs to enter the body. This is mostly observed in children aged 3 to 4 years. It is one of the nervous habits, addressing towards the underlying anxiety. Try to find out the underlying cause of anxiety, discuss it with your child. Keep their nails trimmed, and hands clean.

3. Thumb Sucking - Besides germs on hands that may be harmful, this can cause sores or calluses on the thumb or the nail can become infected. So just keep their hands clean. Thumb sucking is a phase that every child goes through. Children usually stop this by the age of 2 years. Don’t give this habit any attention unless it crosses this age because if the child is nagged during the normal phase, the child might never come out of it.

4. Sneezing and Coughing on others - Kids may sneeze and cough without covering their faces because they’re oblivious to its harmful effects. You need to keep calm and train them to cough or sneeze into their handkerchief so that they don’t spew germs in the air.

5. Wound Peeling - Children may pick at wounds because they’re irritating or itchy. Sometimes kids simply enjoy peeling off the skin that forms over a wound. But that skin keeps germs out of a wound so you can heal without getting infected. Cover the wound with a bandage so that the child keeps his/her hands away.

6. Hair Sucking - While there’s no real health danger, hair sucking is annoying to others, it turns a child’s hair into stiff clumps and is just plain gross and unhygienic. You could tie her hair up, away from her face or simply cut it shorter. Use hair care products to keep hair free from lice.

Kids may also crawl into the bathroom, therefore keeping the toilet clean is important to protect them from harmful infections or diseases. Use Domex Toilet Cleaner because Domex kills disease causing germs*

*kills germs which include bacteria, virus and fungi when used undiluted.

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