Don’t take these symptoms lightly especially during swine flu epidemics.

1. Fever

Just like the normal flu, when infected with H1N1 influenza virus it causes an increase in the body temperature (100 degree Fahrenheit or more).

2. Headache

Headache is the next most common symptom after fever. This stage confuses you,  you may think you have a common cold and flu. However, it is important to check other common signs before being too sure.

3. Chills

The next common symptom is chills accompanied by high fever. This may confuse you with the common cold and flu as well but it may signify infection with H1N1 influenza virus.

4. Sore Throat

Some may also develop sore throat, but after it has reached a certain stage. It starts with a scratchy or dry itching in the throat and can also lead to a wound in the throat.

5. Cough

A change or drop in the temperature causes cough in a lot of people.  One of the symptoms of Swine flu is coughing.

6. Sneezing

You may experience sneezing once the infection progresses. This is when the infection may spread and the virus may be more active. You must cover your mouth with a handkerchief as a preventive measure 

7. Blocked Nasal Passage

A blocked nose or nasal congestion is very troublesome because it gets hard to breathe. A viral infection like swine flu causes swelling of the nasal linings, which blocks the nose.


8. Diarrhea

Once the disease progresses you may also experience diarrhea or loose motions. This is a common condition in children and adults. For maintaining hygiene during such a condition you could use Dome Toilet Cleaner. It kills disease causing germs*

*kills all germs (bacteria, virus and fungi), post 60 minutes of contact with undiluted product

 As soon as you notice these symptoms, please go to your doctor and get yourself treated immediately.

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